The slandered Reconciliatory Direct Democracy

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1. Peaceable Direct Democracy Makes People Happy !

2. The slandered Ancient Direct Democracy Olympics, with the sole participation criterion: the UNIFIED electoral list,

3. Corrupted Socrates’ confessions of guilt, according to the contradictions of  his proven faked apology, reflecting his monarchist delirium.

4.  Short timeline of the slandered ancient Greek History,

(focusing on the sapped -by unlulled self-destructive monarchists- Golden Century of Courage origins)

and prospects for humankind

«The archaeological record supports the conclusion that the transition from peace to war occurred after 10.000 b.p. This is sufficient to make the point that war is not primordial but has a definite origin in the relatively recent past.
The «nightmare past» that Hobbes envisioned in which individuals lived in continual fear of violent death, clearly never existed. Unsegmented societies do display a very marked tendency toward the resolution of conflict and the restriction of lethal violence.
Strong emphasis is placed on the reestablishment of a cooperative, communitarian ethic of sharing and goodwill (Knauft 1987, 1994). When a spontaneous conflict over resources takes place between neighboring local groups, they tend to move apart, obviating the underlying cause of conflict. In the normal course of events continuous efforts are made to maintain relations of positive peace with neighboring groups through some combination of intermarriage, kin ties arising from marriage, adoption, visiting, gift exchange, and collective social gatherings entailing joint feasting, singing, and dancing.
Human propensity to peacemaking, is central to the nexus of interrelationships between human nature, war and society – and this bodes well for the future»:
Raymond Kelly, Prof. at the University of Michigan; Warless societies and the origin of war.

‘Happiness, Economy and Institutions’ by Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer, of the University of Zurich, is published in the October 2000 issue of the Economic Journal.
Note that in Switzerland the use of the Reconciliatory Unified List for elections, prevents from corruption, that’s why in the rest of the world, universities and media never speak about this system… (

Studies of what makes people happy have found that employment and low inflation are two key factors, but until now there has been no research on the effect of direct democracy. In the first systematic empirical analysis of the effect of different political systems on happiness, Professors Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer show that the more extensive the political direct participation rights of citizens, the more satisfied they are with their lives. Their research, published in the latest issue of the Economic Journal , uses data from 6,000 residents of Switzerland to show that people are happier the greater the local level of democracy. What is more, this increased happiness stems more from direct participation in the democratic process than from the outcome of the process itself.
Because constitutional arrangements are fairly stable over time, analysis of the effect of political institutions on happiness can be carried out at one moment in time. The problem of comparing across countries is that numerous other factors vary and it is difficult to isolate the sole effect that political systems play. The researchers overcome this problem through a cross-regional comparison that uses survey data from the 26 different regions of Switzerland. Due to the federal structure of Switzerland, the citizens control major areas of decision-making (e.g. changing state laws, referenda to prevent new expenditure, etc.) at a degree of control that varies greatly between the regions. In some, citizens have many opportunities of directly participating in the democratic process via referenda and initiatives; while in others, these possibilities are severely restricted.
The survey carried out between 1992-4. The degree of happiness attributed to these people is based on their answers to the following question: HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH YOUR LIFE AS A WHOLE THESE DAYS? The respondents could choose from a 10-point scale of predetermined answers that ranged from «completely satisfied’ to ‘completely dissatisfied’. According to psychologists, the responses to such questions correspond well to real-life manifestations of personal well-being such as frequent smiling and successful social interactions.
The answers to these questions are compared against standard economic and demographic data and against the degree of possible direct democratic participation. And as with other studies, the effect a higher income has on happiness is relatively small and statistically weak.
But the effect direct democratic participation has on happiness is large. For example, the results indicate that the happiness of a citizen who moves from Geneva (the region with the lowest participation possibilities) to Basel Land (the region with the highest participation possibilities) is considerably increased.
Frey and Stutzer conclude, ‘Happiness mainly depends on how well developed democracy is. The study’s main finding establishes political participation as an important determinant of citizens’ well-being’.
There are two possible reasons why a higher degree of direct democracy may raise individuals’ sense of well-being. First, due to the more active role of citizens, politicians are better monitored and controlled, and government decisions are subsequently closer to the wishes of the people. Second, the institutions of direct democracy extend their opportunities to get involved in the political process. Experimental evidence suggests that people value this procedural effect in addition to the actual outcome of the activity.
To discover which of these two reasons is responsible for the happiness that direct democracy brings, the researchers note that political participation in referenda is restricted to Swiss nationals and therefore mainly them can reap the benefits from the participation effect. Foreigners have no direct participation political rights but they cannot be excluded from the favorable outcome of direct democracy.
A direct comparison of the impact of direct democracy on foreigners and nationals, after other factors have been removed, shows that the benefits for nationals are approximately three times the size as the benefits for foreigners. This suggests that around two thirds of the benefits of direct democracy stem from simply being involved in the process of political decision-making. Indeed, Frey and Stutzer conclude, «Direct Democracy should not only be favored because it forces politicians to obey citizens’ wishes, but also because people value directly engaging in the political process».


All first human communities were peaceful, as the anthropological research, the most ancient traditions and paintings show and professor Raymond Kelly wisely presents in his book «Warless societies and the origin of war» - (see also 10.000 years ago, unfortunately, the overpopulation occurred in Middle East, drove some stressed, fear addicted and aggressive adults to start wars… That mostly lethal disease spread little by little through genocides and exhaustion to the greater part of Earth, with the exception of the Arctic areas.
Many communities resisted – and the luckier still resist and hope – adopting the precious habits of self-denial,  mutual aid and reconciliating UNIFIED election list. This is the case with the slandered and slaughtered ancient Greek (Ellenic) Direct Democratic cities: to face the war epidemic that approached Asia Minor and the islands around 2000 B.C., they formed defensive confederations and insisted on negotiations for truce and peace, sending ambassadors all over Mediterranean Sea; among regular celebrations of succeeded peace-time were the Olympics !

Peaceable people suffer when aggressives slander any collective decision civilization:
Aggressives never present the opinion of peaceable defenders. So the well-advertised deserter oligarchic general Thucydides, make never comments on ephors’ genocides in Platea, Athens, Egos Potami and so on, while they took tons of gold from satraps to give them democrats as slaves – they managed this in -387…
In addition, the deserter general admits (E 110-) that the oligarchics in Milos, not only they made an antidemocratic coup d’ etat, but had called satraps to give them the island… So, when anyone reads in his text that the democratic majority called the slandered Democratic Alliance (1.000 members during the great antidemocratic war – Aristophanes, Wasps, 707) to save them and they opened the doors, can we believe that poor Athenian sailors could kill any traitor after the battle, or even the majority of their brothers? Why there is no other relative text saved?
The other mostly advertised «selected» hater idle Socrates admits in his poisonous apology that
1. his ‘demon'(megalomaniac ego) guided him not to work for decades but to spend nights with young «selected» aristocrats, pushing them to follow his pupils Kritias and Harmides to slaughter the democrats that feeded them… (Plato wrote: the tyrants ‘in quite a short time they made Democracy seem by comparison precious as gold’. Seventh Letter 324D).
2. he took an order by this maniac Kritias, did not obeyed and had NO consequences…
3. he never went to the General Assembly (Ecclesia of Dimos) he hated , except once, as deputy (!, even he was threatening Peoples with his «superiority»…)-coordinator of the Assembly, where he tried in vain to protect from trial his pupils-generals that had left poor democrats shipwreckers to drown in Arginouses: they said next day that there were hard seas, but not for the democrat general they ordered to save anyone he could… Some of the next oligarchic generals together with satraps and Lysandros committed one of the worst genocides in Egos Potami, as other maniacs had done in Egypt (where several of the 50.000 Athenians were murdered because they helped Egyptians to unload from persian occupation, in -457, and that provisional lack of fleet was the hushed-up reason of the transportation of the Alliance’s ship fund) and in Sicily, where Athenians were called to save democrats from Syracuse haters, who eventually led Carthage tyrants to destroy Agrigento -409…
4. He never said, himself before his suicide or anyone of the other «selected», what did they do to defend Democracy from the hateful conspiracy of spartan ephores – satraps – Carthage tyrants… They only helped them (Isocrates, About Peace-8.97: 5.000 talents=tons of gold ephors took from satraps…) to slander and destroy one of the happiest civilizations ever appeared… THEY NEVER CARE about the FUTURE even of THEIR OWN CHILDREN. ALL PEACEMAKERS SHOULD UNITE to CALM AGGRESSIVES, HELP REVIVE BENEFICIAL PEACEABLE COLLECTIVE DECISIONS and UNIFIED election list to FACE the COMING ICE-AGE.  When Isocrates praised brave education of anyone called Greek, no matter of his origin, he meant of course the direct democratic education!
Besides, for the lie that collective decisions are wrong, we must remind that when the democratic majority of Athens – or any other city- was absent in the ships defending fearlessness, the oligarchic minority was making trials against brave democrats as Themistocles, Anaxagoras, Aspasia… So they were not Athenians, but the «selected» haters that destroyed this Golden Century, elsewhere too].

Which was the hushed up main characteristic of this calming system (until its sapping by the conspiracy of the «selected» tyrants of Persia, Phoenicia, Cartage, Rome and their socratic supporters in Greece), to which mankind owes the memory and the hope for an harmonic coexistence? The agreement of the celebrating cities to encourage other cities to participate as soon as they changed their fobic regimes of some maniacs, with COLLECTIVE DECISIONS, UNIFIED election list and ONE YEAR SERVICE i.e. Direct Democracy ! That was exactly the criterion of participation in Olympics and other similar festivities!
How do we understand this unwritten law? First from the catalog of the participating cities, where tyrannies, kingdoms and other warlike (=barbarian) regimes were excluded. With the only exception, the war addicts tyrants of Sparta (even there, its malicious ephors, that put children to fight each other every day until exhausted, they had one year service) because democratic Greeks (Ellines) wanted to calm and remind poor Spartans the joy of peace and save their Messinians slave-helots from extinction. Note that several brave Spartan generals, as Pausanias, Aghis and Cleomenes, were murdered before they manage to liberate helots…
In addition to the criterion cited, we remark that fearless democrat athletes contended nude, not for money, records or other egoistic reasons, but to continue the tradition of inspiring the new generations, in contrast of AGGRESSIVE Achaians dwellers of Mycenaean times, drunkard Pelleans, gladiators of Rome and of TV & crowd arenas of nowadays.
Furthermore, the entrance was free for all, natives and foreigners, poor and rich, citizens or not, except women. Women were not permitted because the continuous antidemocratic wars didn’t give enough time to defending majorities to persuade oligarchics to give women full rights, as in the past (see plebiscite for the name of Athens chosen from Athena Dimokratia – aspirator of Direct Democracy, its presentation on Parthenon-monument of Direct Democracy FEARLESSNESS and the attempts of Aspasia for example) as they managed 7 times (594, 508, 490, 480, 406, 403, 338 b.c.) for Athenians and foreign employees of the self-styled «selected», that accepted to defend Democracy, according to Aristotle’s «Constitution of Athenians». But women, respected mothers of fearless kids, had their own Olympics, Irea and, in every city, Thesmophoria. They had also more rights than all of us, today’s subjects of feardoms…
We also know that truce or regulation infringements were condemned, and ephors at least once were punished.
Finally Olympics used to be a real celebration of PEACEABLE COEXISTENCE with participation, UNIFIED election list, group songs and dances, not just performances, in order to keep in mind, live and help everyone live with the priority of friendship and happiness, preventing and curing antisocial behavior and catastrophic fear addiction.

3. Corrupted Socrates’ confessions of guilt according to the contradictions of  his proven faked apology, reflecting his monarchist delirium.

Dr. H. Gomperz and Prof. W. A. Oldfather have proved conclusively he did not:

What oligarchy really meant for the majority of the Athenians (the harmonically collaborative rich and poor that offered Golden Century Courage to humankind, thanks to which we can talk now), one can also read in pro-persian socratic Xenophon’s `Hellenika’. Describing the reign of the Thirty tyrants (comprising two uncles of Plato), Xenophon states: `The oligarchs went on a killing spree murdering all democratic opponents, more Athenians than all the Peloponnesians did in ten years of war …’


Unlucky, unlulled, incapable but antisocial haters mainly hate peaceable people, because haters cannot imagine therapy or stand any control of their parasitism by anyone. Just see the origin of wars ( and the present continuity of the much-advertised misanthrope farao’s tyrannies and young Plato’s ‘ideal terror regime’, which now are the disguised parliamentarisms self-styled as ‘democracies’;… Where are the customs of the peaceable past and today’s societies taught? How many historians dare to reveal that mature Plato in his Seventh Letter accepted that (direct) ‘Democracy is gold’, and that he proposed to the citizen of Megalopolis, what oligarchs denied to Aspasia: women participation in General Assemblies again, after aggressive king Kekrops had stopped centuries ago !
Critias stands condemned as the most bloody and vicious of this gang of terrorists. The terror was directed not only against democratic leaders but even against moderate oligarchs like Niceratus, son of Nicias, and wealthy metics such as Leon of Salamis. It was when the victims of this prosecution began to include even leading, if moderate, oligarchs, that Theramenes and other relatively mild conservatives began to suspect that all was not well. As often happens, political terror created a monster devouring its own children. Of these victims Theramenes is the most prominent. His characterization of Critias, in fact the whole speech given by Xenophon, is self-explanatory. «I agree with Critias, indeed, that whoever wishes to cut short your government, and strengthens those who conspire against you, deserves justly the severest punishment. But to whom does this charge best apply? To him, or to me? Look at the behavior of each of us, and then judge for yourselves. At first we were all agreed, so far as the condemnation of the known and obnoxious demagogues. But when Critias and his friends began to seize men of station and dignity, then it was that I began to oppose them. The man who gives you this advice, and gives it to you openly, is he a traitor-or is he not rather a genuine friend? It is you and your supporters, Critias, who by your murders and robberies strengthen the enemies of the government and betray your friends. Depend upon it, that Thrasybulus and Anytus are much better pleased with your policy than they would be with mine. You accuse me of having betrayed the Four Hundred; but I did not desert them until they were themselves on the point of betraying Athens to her enemies. You call me the ‘Buskin,’ as trying to fit both sides. But what am I to call you, who fit neither of them, who under the democracy were the most violent hater of the people-and who under the oligarchy have become equally violent as a hater of oligarchical merit? I am, and always have been, Critias, an enemy both to democracy and to oligarchical tyranny. I desire to constitute our political community out of those who can serve it on horseback and with heavy armor;-I have proposed this once, and I still stand to it. I side neither with democracy nor despots, to the exclusion of the dignified citizens. Prove that I am now, or ever have been, guilty of such crime, and I shall confess myself deserving of ignominious death.»
Where was Socrates through all this? There can be little doubt that he was very intimate with the oligarchical leaders, many of whom he had instructed in the notion that only the ‘good’ and the ‘wise’ and the true haters should rule; that government should not be the art of collective decisions, but depended on «knowledge, knowledge of ultimate principles of the «good» and the «just,»-knowledge which could only be gained by the oligarchical study of terror and a painful askesis. But it was not only on the theoretical plane that this intimacy existed. Two years earlier Socrates had shown himself willing to execute a practical political commission for his friends and his clique.
With Theramenes and his sect, men who were convinced oligarchs; who, in practice, were willing to intrigue with Sparta, overthrow the democracy, betray the state, destroy its fleet and, perhaps, regrettably enough, abandon hundreds of its finest sailors. But at the prospect of turning the terror against the wealthy and the prominent, these men drew back in horror. Neither Socrates nor, for that matter, Plato made any attempt to conceal their criticisms of Athenian democracy, its dependence (as they were poisoning other oligarchists) on the whim of the multitude; «nor did they conceal their preference for Sparta’s more aristocratic, oligarchic and servile organization of society.» Moreover the essence of Socrates’ teaching was, as we have seen, profoundly anti-democratic, striking at the very theoretical roots on which the democratic way of life was founded.
we must nevertheless realize that the instinct of the democracy was profoundly right when it saw in him the evil genius behind the scene; the fons et origo malorum; the intellectual center from which emanated the very heart and soul of anti-democratic beliefs. We must here reflect once again how closely philosophy was bound up with the factionalism of the Greek states; and we need only recall once again the names of Anaxagoras (democrat), Pythagoras (oligarchist) and Aristotle (silent democrat to escape murder by Pelleans).
Bearing this in mind, we are in a much better position to appreciate the feelings of the men who came back from the Piraeus with the experience of the terror fresh in their minds.
Viewed from this point of view we read the Apology (confession) of Socrates in a very different light. We are so used to thinking of the work as the high-minded apologia of the philosophic man, remote from mundane things, high above politics and political striving, that it is difficult to think of it as the extremely adroit and facile plea of a putschist.
The setting of the trial, to begin with, was extremely interesting. The democracy, having restored itself and balanced the rather precarious political position, 3 years after the end of the coup d’etat, and while a new one was probably in plan, felt it necessary to deal with the problem of Socrates. Three men came forward as his accusers: Meletus for the poets, Anytus for the craftsmen and political leaders, and Lycon for the rhetoricians. These three groups represent the intellectual as well as the practical leadership of the democracy. Several facts about the trial are of great interest. There is no reason to think that Anytus-the central figure in the prosecution-was acting from any feeling of personal vindictiveness. We know that during the rule of the Thirty tyrants he had been forced to leave the city and that his property had been confiscated. Yet upon his return he distinguished himself by waiving any claims he might have made in the law courts. As for the idea that the democrats were acting out of an irrational mania to pay back their enemies in kind, we have even the evidence of Plato to the contrary. «Those who then came back conducted themselves very moderately.»
As a matter of fact the democracy was almost incredibly tolerant toward the men who attempted to destroy it. The only intelligible motive we can ascribe to the democrats arose out of a perfectly sober estimate of the danger both past and present represented by Socrates. Fortunately we have two separate accounts of the indictment which check with each other admirably. Favorinus quotes the actual charge as follows: «Socrates does wrong by not worshiping the gods which the city worships and introduces new deities. And lie corrupts the youth.» Plato’s version differs slightly but is substantially the same. «Socrates does wrong, in corrupting the youth» and disbelieving in the gods that the city believes in, but [introduces] other gods.»
We can only regret that so little may be regarded as established, fact about the trial. It is even very doubtful whether Socrates made any defense at all. We are inclined to believe that Dr. H. Gomperz and Prof. W. A. Oldfather have proved conclusively he did not. Their arguments briefly summarized are as follows: In the Gorgias, Callicles draws a merciless if imaginary portrait of Socrates’ utter helplessness when he will, some day, be brought to trial for his life. Socrates responds (somewhat later) by picturing the helplessness of Callicles before the Judge of the Dead, fused and bewildered, standing at a loss for what to say. ‘ there, exactly as I here.» In, the Thaeatetus the same theme appears-the frustration and helplessness of the philosopher court. Again the words, «all helplessness» (pasan aporian)! . Them by way of direct evidence, there is the explicit statement of Maximus of Tyre that Socrates gave no defense for himself, but that he «kept silence without faltering.» To this Oldfather adds, «In the first place, there is an astonishing multiplicity of speeches ascribed to Socrates, or designed for Socrates, at the time of his trial, or composed in behalf of Socrates at some later date, by Plato, Xenophon [or pseudo-Xenophon], Lysias, Theodectes, Demetrius of Phalerum, Zeno of Sidon, Plutarch, Theo of Antioch, and even, seven hundred years too late, by Libanius.» 33 The three speeches that have survived differ so widely both in content and manner that it is impossible to believe that they go back to one original. There are frequent references in Plato to the «ridiculous or pathetic figure which the philosopher cuts in the court room.»
The picture in the Platonic Apology of Socrates completely in command of the situation, exercising a quiet but compulsive mastery; the aloof, detached philosopher, the aristo scornfully mastering the noisy impulses of the canaille, contrasts very vividly with Diogenes’ picture: «Justus of Tiberias in his book entitled The Wreath says that in the course of the trial, Plato mounted the platform and began: ‘Though I am the youngest, men of Athens, of all who ever rose to address you,’-whereupon the judges shouted out, ‘Get down, get down.�» «The fact that Justus was a Jew,» says Oldfather, «may not be regarded as quite sufficient to discredit his authority with others as readily as it does with J. Geffcken.» And it is no wonder that discipleship through the ages has preferred not to linger on or credit so unpleasant a picture.
Moreover, Plato’s picture of the serene objectivity with which Socrates and the jurors discussed the fitting penalty, is turned by Diogenes into something like a riotous scene. The prosecutor had demanded the death penalty: Socrates proposed a trivial fine — 25 or 100 drachmas. The jury, a very large body in Athens, went wild. Whereupon Socrates said that such a man as he should be pensioned for life. It is no wonder that in reply to such an impertinence as this, the death sentence was immediately passed. Eighty additional jurors apparently felt that that man was incorrigible.
Around the figure of Socrates a veritable literary warfare developed. His friends and supporters poured forth a flood of argument, rhetoric, direct and indirect defense. As part of this systematic campaign, we can certainly include the Gorgias of Plato, the Meno of Plato, the Apology of Lysias, the Memorabilia of Xenophon, the Apology of Xenophon (or pseudo-Xenophon) as well as the well-advertised Platonic Apology. Nor were his opponents silent; in the year 393 or shortly after, Polycrates published an attack on Socrates which purported to convey the case for the prosecution at the trial. The belief grew up in some quarters that this was the actual speech delivered by Anytus, but Favorinus pointed out, even in antiquity, that the mention of the walls built by Conon made this chronologically impossible. The fact, however, that this particular identification breaks down does not invalidate the view that the pamphlet of Polycrates embodies substantially the actual case of the prosecution.
It is important to notice that the whole effort of the oligarchist faction was to lift Socrates above the struggle of contending factions and make him a symbol of certain eternal and absolute moral. and religious ideas. The aim of the democrats, on the other hand, was to keep the argument on a strictly political level. The oligarchists were eager to take their philosopher from earth to heaven; the democrats were equally eager to pin him down mother earth. In this way two distinct conceptions of Socrates developed. Out of the one evolved the figure of the symbolic Socrates-the mouthpiece of the eternal, the prophet who enunciates ideas of absolute and universal validity, principles of morality and justice which arc to be regarded as always and everywhere true, without reference to time and space; out of the other, the lost Socrates, an historical personality, the intellectual leader of a murdering faction, the man who more than any other was responsible, in an intellectual and moral sense, for the counterrevolution, and even for the excesses of the Thirty. And it is important to see that for the oligarchist intellectual position as Plato developed it, with its emphasis on the eternal idea, the claim of absolute obedience, the insistence that fear is the very incarnation of the eternal principle, the subordination of the governed to the governor, the «agreement» between classes that only the «guardians» must rule, for all this the figure of the symbolic Socrates was essential. Hence the eagerness of the Socratics to pitch the argument on an ethical, moral, religious and absolutist plane, to divorce Socrates from the struggle of his faction against people and to make him a figure antipathetic to both sides. Xenophon, for example, does his best to make it appear that Critias and Socrates were at odds. He represents the decree passed by the Thirty tyrants against the sophists, forbidding men «to teach the art of words,» as a direct personal insult to Socrates himself. This is distinctly improbable, and it is a view which Xenophon himself refutes when he discloses the fact that in spite of the decree Socrates continued to teach the technique of interlocution. The Thirty tyrants, the uncompromising terrorists, who were responsible for something like fifteen hundred political murders including that of Theramenes, were not the kind of people to pass such a measure without intending its enforcement.


Short timeline of slandered Greek History,

(focusing on the sapped by unlulled monarchists Golden Century of Courage origins)

and prospects for humankind

Heraclitus is not at all «dark», instead he’s very enlightening, thus censored by obscurantists:
(addiction to fear and intimidation = ptoein from which begins, as originally meant the aggressive ptolemos=) war is the cause and the ruler of the following: it made others pretend to be gods, others were proven human, others became slaves, others fearless.

Now that oil and power of the maniacs ends:

«Happy are the brave» (happy are the free and free are the brave),
«When we help one another, we are all prosperous and find support in the difficulties, but when everyone looks just himself, they are destroyed» (I. B 43, 60): Pericles
«Power mania is a disease, while collective decisions bring health» Alkmeon Krotoniatis.

See reconciliation anthem by Ch. Riyas: «The Republic of Ephialtes (Sofoniu), here.
60,000 years before present (BP)
Followers of the peaceable Petralona Cave Archanthropuses’ culture: Peaceful cave communities of Theopetra-Thessaly, Apidima-Mani, Hania, Sarakatsani, Cyprus etc.
10.000 yBP
Upon expiration of the last glacial period (all findings, such as bones and cave paintings everywhere show no conflict by then – Raymond Kelly “Warless societies and the origin of war”, University of Michigan the level of the Aegean sea rises, deserts greened, but new cold-arid periods before 6000 years, made Sahara and Central Asia desert again: in the Middle East, where the first appearing overpopulation brings constant tension, addiction to hatred and violence: the tragic epidemic of wars begins (the Greek word coming from pto’o=terrorize => pt’olemoi=wars), which now threatens the human race …

There is a hope: the (direct) democracy of collective decisions and Reconciliatory UNIFIED election list, which was first developed in peaceful Greece since those years:

10.000 BP

Fossilized bone of a ~70 years old woman in Yioura  island – developed navigation.
8000 BP
Alphabetic-phonetic symbols in Florina and Dispilion, a sample of scripture for easier communication than with obscurantist hieroglyphics.
5000 BP
Poliohni, Limnos: the oldest Neolithic peaceful town (=villages’ confederation. In Greece there were NO overpopulated babylons) with a meeting place for citizens.

4000 BP
The oldest pyramids (pyr’os = grain cereals + am’is = bunker), BENEFICIAL public granaries in southern Greece, while self-sufficiency ends. Aggressive Myceneans-Achaeans start wars.

The majority of adult residents of Attica, men and women, decide to name the peaceful defensive confederation of cooperating villages Athens, that the name of the honored ancestor-‘godess’ of fearlessness Athena-Democracy. The power maniac Cecrops with the likes prohibits violently the participation of women in the Assembly.


In Asia Minor Hittites attack their cousins in democratic Greek cities.

Brave Theseus returning from Crete waives from king, organizes project-democratic (settlement) of Attica, with equality of the citizens and soldiers, on this celebrated ever since.


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αγγλικά – english

UNIFIED electoral list

Conciliators CAN change arrogant policies by promoting the TESTED Swiss Reconciliatory UNIFIED list for elections:

it calms unlulled, fearful self-destructive egomaniacs and encourages mutual aid-dialogue-transparency-decentralization-friendship!
As it comes from the ancient catalogs, the Reconciliatory Unified list has been the ONLY criterion for the citizens-soldiers’ participation in the Olympics and other ancient slandered Unified list festivities!

The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage!), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see monarchical coup, conspiring with Carthaginian likes, in Syracuse, Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics, admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…

The END of OIL-metals and the lack of any other non-oil-alternative but DECENTRALIZATION and AUTARKY, brings us closer to international truce and direct democratic mutual-aid confederations to face corruption, guided aggressive overpopulation and cannibalism.


ισπανικά – español

UNIFICADA lista electoral

Reconciliadors puede cambiar las políticas arrogantes, promoviendo la prueba suizos Reconciliatoria UNIFICADA lista  electoral: se calma no-arrullado, temerosa auto-destructiva ególatras y alienta el diálogo de ayuda mutua, la transparencia, la descentralización, la amistad!
Como se trata de los catálogos antiguos, la Reconciliatoria lista unificada electoral  ha sido el único criterio para la participación de
los ciudadanos-soldados en los calumniado antiguos Juegos Olímpicos y otras festividades de lista unificada!

Los demócratas estaban tratando constantemente calumniado a naturalizar a quienes participaron en la defensa (7 veces durante el Siglo de Oro de Coraje), las valientes mujeres con Aspasia, sino también para evitar la masacre  por los invasores en todo el Mediterráneo y el Mar Negro, llevando a la lista unificada de todas partes. Pero los monárquicos dañado maníaco y secuestradores chicos de masas  éforos les impidió: véase el golpe de estado monárquico, conspirando con los gustos de Cartago, en Syracuse, Milos-donde fueron detenidos por los habitantes democrática, etc: Aristóteles, Política, admitido también por el bien publicitada general desertor (!) Tucídides…
El fin del petróleo-metales y la falta de cualquier otro no-petróleo, otra alternativa que la descentralización y la autarquía, nos acerca a la tregua internacionales y confederaciones democráticas directas de ayuda mutua para hacer frente a la corrupción, la sobrepoblación guiada y agresiva y el canibalismo.


βουλγαρικά – български – bulgarian
Съвместно кандидатската листа
Помирителят може да се промени арогантен политики чрез насърчаване на изследвания Конфедерация Съвместния избирателния списък: Успокоява уплашен саморазрушително егоист и насърчава взаимната помощ-диалог прозрачност-децентрализация Приятелство!
Тъй като идва от древни каталози, Съвместно кандидатската листа е единственият критерий за участие на граждани-войници в олимпийските игри и други оклеветен древни кандидатската листа празници!
Тъй като идва от древни каталози, разбирателство Съвместно кандидатската листа е единственият критерий за участие на граждани-войници в олимпийски игри и други оклеветени, древни празненства за разбирателство Съвместно кандидатската листа!
В оклеветен демократи се опитват постоянно да усвоявам всеки, който участва в отбраната (7 пъти по време на Златния век на Кураж), смелият жени с Aspasia. Но също така те се опитаха да предотвратят клането от нашественици в Средиземно море и Черно море, носещ Unified списък навсякъде. Но неработещ монархисти маниак и масови похитителите на момчето, на ephors са им попречили: вж. Syracusean oligarchists (който заговори с картагенските интересува) убити демократите в Сицилия, и монархически преврат в Милош-когато те са били спрени от Демократическата жители и т.н.: Аристотел, Политика. Добре рекламираните дезертьор общо (!) Тукидид той признава…
Краят на петрола-метали и липсата на друга  без алтернатива петрола, освен децентрализация и autarky, ни отвежда по-близо до международното примирие и пряк демократичен конфедерациите взаимна помощ да се справи с корупцията, агресивни ръководи пренаселеността – канибализъм.


λευκορωσικά – Беларуская мова
прымірэнчы адзінага выбарчага спісу
Пасярэднікаў можа спыніць Высакамерная палітыкі, спрыяючы (праверана ў шматлікіх асацыяцый) Швейцарскі прымірэнчы адзінага выбарчага спісу:
гэта супакойвае (занядбаць, як дзеці), асцерагаючыся, саморазрушительного эгаісты, і заклікае ўзаемнай дапамозе дыялогу па празрыстасці дэцэнтралізацыя-сяброўства!
Як яно паходзіць ад старажытнага каталогі, прымірэнчы адзінага выбарчага спісу быў адзіным крытэрыем для ўдзелу грамадзян-салдат у Алімпійскіх гульнях і іншых абгаварыў, старажытных святаў на прымірэнчы адзінага выбарчага спісу!
Абгаварыў дэмакраты спрабавалі пастаянна на натуралізацыі, хто ўдзельнічаў у абароне (7 раз на працягу Залаты век «За мужнасць»), а мужныя жанчыны з Аспазии. Але і яны паспрабавалі прадухіліць расправу захопнікамі ва ўсім Міжземнамор’е і Чорным моры, правядзенне адзінай спіс ва ўсім свеце. Але пашкоджаныя манархістаў маньяка і масавых выкрадальнікаў з хлопчыкаў, эфоров перашкодзіла ім: глядзіце, Syracusean oligarchists (які ўступіў у змову з карфагенской любіць) забілі дэмакраты ў Сіцыліі, і манархічнай перавароту ў Милос-нідзе яны былі спыненыя дэмакратычных жыхароў і г.д.: Арыстоцеля, палітыка. Добра разрэклямаванае дезертир цэлым (!) Фукидид прызнаў яго …
Канец той нафты, металы і адсутнасць якіх-небудзь іншых не звязаных з нафтай альтэрнатывы, акрамя як дэцэнтралізацыя і аўтаркія, набліжае нас да міжнародных перамір’е і прамы дэмакратычнай канфедэрацыі ўзаемадапамогі сутыкацца з карупцыяй, кіруючыся агрэсіўным перанаселенай і канібалізму.


καταλανικά – català
UNIFICAT llista per a les eleccions
Conciliadors pot canviar les polítiques arrogants, promovent la reconciliació DE PROVA suïssos UNIFICAT  llista per a les eleccions: es calma temorós auto-destructiva egòlatres i encoratja el diàleg d’ajuda mútua, la transparència, la descentralització, l’amistat!
Com es tracta dels catàlegs antics, la llista unificada de conciliació ha estat l’únic criteri per a la participació dels ciutadans-soldats en els Jocs Olímpics i altres festivitats calumniat, antic per a la conciliació llista unificada!
Els calumniat demòcrates estaven tractant constantment a naturalitzar els que van participar en la defensa (7 vegades durant el Segle d’Or de Coratge), les dones valents amb Aspasia. Però també van tractar d’evitar la massacre dels invasors a tota la Mediterrània i el Mar Negre, portant llista unificada a tot arreu. Però monàrquics danyat maníac i segrestadors en massa dels nois, els èfors els va impedir: vegeu, oligarchists Syracuse (que va conspirar amb cartaginès li agrada) va matar els demòcrates a Sicília, i el cop monàrquic a Milos, on van ser detinguts pels habitants democràtica, etc: Aristòtil, Política. El general desertor bé publicitada (!) Tucídides ho va admetre …
Com es tracta dels catàlegs antics, la llista unificada per a les eleccions ha estat l’únic criteri per a la participació ciutadana-soldats en els Jocs Olímpics i altres antics calumniat festes llista unificada!
La fi del petroli-els metalls i la manca de qualsevol altre no-petroli alternativa que la descentralització i l’autarquia, ens acosta a la treva internacionals i confederacions democràtiques directes d’ajuda mútua per fer front a la corrupció, la sobrepoblació i el canibalisme agressiva guiada.


τσεχικά – česky

JEDNOTNÉHO volební seznam
Smírci mohou měnit arogantní politiky podporou testovaného švýcarský usmíření JEDNOTNÉHO volební seznam:
to uklidňuje unlulled strachu, self-destruktivní egomaniacs a podporuje vzájemné pomoci-dialog-transparentnost-decentralizace-přátelství!
Jak to přijde ze starověkého katalogů, usmíření Unified seznam byl jediným kritériem pro účast občanů-vojáků na olympijských hrách a dalších starověkých pomlouvala Unified seznam slavnosti!
Konec kovů olej a absence jakékoliv jiné non-olej-alternativa, ale decentralizace a soběstačnost, přivádí nás blíže k mezinárodní příměří a přímý demokratický vzájemné pomoci-konfederace v tvář korupci, provázený agresivní přelidnění a kanibalismus.


σερβικά – српски

помирљивом ЈЕДИНСТВЕНОГ листе за изборе

Миритеља, променити можете арогантан политике, промовишући ТЕСТИРАНИХ Швајцарске помирљивом ЈЕДИНСТВЕНОГ листе за изборе: то обесхрабрује унлуллед егоманиацс и подстиче узајамне помоћи-дијалог-транспарентност-децентрализација-маил пријатељство!

Као што долази из древне каталоге, помирљивом Обједињена листа је једини критеријум за учешће грађани-војници у играма и другим античким оклеветао Уједињени листу прослава!
The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic inhabitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…

Крај УЉЕ метала и недостатак било ког другог не-уље-алтернатива, али децентрализација и аутаркија, доводи нас ближе међународним примирје, а директне демократске узајамне помоћ конфедерације да се суочи са корупцијом, водио агресивну пренасељености и канибализма.


ουαλικά – cymraeg
UNEDIG rhestr etholiadol
Gall Conciliators atal polisïau drahaus, gan hyrwyddo (brofi mewn cymdeithasau niferus) cymodol Swiss unedig rhestr etholiadol:
yn tawelu y (fel hesgeuluso babanod), ofnus, egoists hunan-ddinistriol, ac yn annog cymorth ar y cyd-deialog-tryloywder-ddatganoli-cyfeillgarwch!
Gan ei fod yn dod o gatalogau hynafol, y rhestr Unedig cymodol oedd yr unig faen prawf ar gyfer cyfranogiad dinasyddion-filwyr yn y Gemau Olympaidd a eraill slandered, dathliadau hynafol ar gyfer y rhestr unedig rhestr etholiadol!
Mae’r Democratiaid slandered yn ceisio gyson i bwy bynnag naturalize cymryd rhan yn y amddiffyniad (7 gwaith yn ystod y ganrif Aur Courage), a’r gwragedd dewr gyda Aspasia. Ond maent hefyd yn ceisio atal y gyflafan gan y goresgynwyr drwy gydol y Canoldir a Môr Du, yn cario rhestr Unedig unedig rhestr etholiadol ym mhob man. Ond monarchists maniac llygredig a herwgipwyr màs y bechgyn, y ephors yn eu hatal: weld, oligarchists Syracusean (sy’n fradfwriadasant gyda Carthaginian hoffi) lladd Democratiaid yn Sicily, a coup frenhinol yn Milos-lle maent yn eu hatal gan y habitants ddemocrataidd, ac ati: Gwleidyddiaeth Aristotle,. Mae’r cyffredinol deserter dda-hysbysebu (!) Thucydides cyfaddef ei …
Mae diwedd olew-metelau a diffyg unrhyw eraill nad ydynt yn-arall olew ond datganoli a autarky, yn dod â ni yn nes at cadoediad rhyngwladol a chyd-cydffederasiynau cymorth uniongyrchol democrataidd yn wyneb llygredd, gorboblogi tywys ymosodol ac canibaliaeth.


δανέζικα – dansk -danish
SAMLET valglisten liste
Forligsmænd kan standse arrogant politikker ved at fremme den afprøves (i utallige foreninger) schweiziske forsonende samlet valglisten liste:
det beroliger unlulled, bange, selvødelæggende egoister, og opfordrer gensidig hjælp-dialog-gennemsigtighed-decentralisering-venskab!
Som det kommer fra de gamle kataloger, har den forsoningens Unified listen er det eneste kriterium for borgerne-soldaternes deltagelse i de olympiske lege og andre gamle bagtalt Unified liste festligheder!
De bagtalt Demokrater forsøgte hele tiden at naturalisere hvem deltog i forsvaret (7 gange i løbet af Golden Century of Courage), at de modige kvinder med Aspasia, men også forhindre massakren, som angriberne hele Middelhavet og Sortehavet, der transporterer Unified liste overalt , men ødelagt galning monarkister og masse drenge bortførerne ephors forhindrede dem: se, Syracusean oligarchits (konspirere med Karthago lignende) drab demokrater på Sicilien, og monarkiske kup i Milos-hvor de blev stoppet af den demokratiske beboerne osv.: Aristoteles, Politik – indrømmede også af godt annoncerede desertør generelt (!) Thukydid …
Afslutningen af olie-metaller og manglen på enhver anden ikke-olie-alternativ, men decentralisering og autarky, bringer os tættere på international våbenhvile og direkte demokratisk princippet om gensidig hjælp forbund til ansigt korruption, guidede aggressive overbefolkning og kannibalisme.


γερμανικά – deutsch

GEMEINSAME Wahlvorschlag

Schlichtern können arrogante Politik ändern durch die Förderung der getesteten Schweizer versöhnlichen Gemeinsame Wahlvorschlag: es beruhigt die nicht eingelullt, erschrocken selbstzerstörerischen Egomanen und fördert die gegenseitige Hilfe-Dialog-Transparenz-Dezentralisierung-Freundschaft!
Wie es aus den alten Katalogen kommt, die versöhnlichen Einheitsliste für die Wahlen das einzige Kriterium gewesen  für die Teilnahme der Bürger-soldaten an der antiken verleumdet  Olympischen Spiele und andere Gemeinsame Wahlvorschlag Festen!

As it comes from the ancient catalogs, the Reconciliatory Unified list has been the only criterion for the citizens-soldiers’ participation in the Olympics and other ancient slandered Unified list festivities!

The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchits (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…

Die End of Oil-Metallen und das Fehlen jeglicher anderen Nicht-Öl-Alternative aber Dezentralisierung und Autarkie, bringt uns näher an internationalen Waffenstillstand und direkter demokratischer gegenseitige Hilfe Konföderationen, zu Angesicht die Korruption, aggressiv Überbevölkerung und Kannibalismus.


εσθονικά – eesti keel
lepitav Ühte nimekirja valimistel
Lepitaja võib peatada ülbe poliitikat, edendades (testitud lugematute ühendused) Šveitsi lepitav Ühte nimekirja valimistel:
see rahustab (peeta imikut), kardavad, enesehävituslik egoists ning julgustab vastastikuse abi-dialoog-läbipaistvusega detsentraliseerimine-sõprus!
Kuna see on pärit iidse kataloogid, Ühte nimekirja valimistel oli ainus kriteerium kodanikule sõdurite osalemine olümpiamängudel ja muud slandered, muistsed pidulikud jaoks lepitav Ühte nimekirja valimistel!
Slandered Demokraatide üritasid pidevalt naturaliseerima kes osales kaitsepoliitika (7 aegadel Golden Century of Courage) ja julgeid naisi Aspasia. Kuid ka need püüdsid takistada massimõrva poolt sissetungijad kogu Vahemere ja Musta mere, kes Unified nimekirja kõikjal. Kuid rikutud maniakk monarchists ja mass röövijad on poisid, ephors takistas neil vaata, Syracusean oligarchists (kes conspired koos Puunia meeldib) surmatud demokraadid Sitsiilias ja Monarkkinen riigipöörde Milos-kus nad peatasid demokraatlik habitants jne: Aristoteles, poliitikas. Hästi reklaamitud desertöör üldise (!) Thukydides tunnistas ta …
Lõpuks õli-metallid ja puudub igasugune muud nafta-alternatiivi detsentraliseerimise ja autarkia, toob meid lähemale rahvusvahelise vaherahu ja vahetu demokraatliku vastastikuse abi konföderatsiooni näkku korruptsiooni, giidiga agressiivne ülerahvastatus ja kannibalismi.


ελληνικά – greek – græker – grec – greco – grek – griechisch – Grieksekreekařečtina – younan – Yunaniयूनानी 希腊语 ギリシャ語 اليونانية

Συμφιλιωτικό ΕΝΙΑΙΟ ψηφοδέλτιο

Οι συμφιλιωτές ΜΠΟΡΟΥΝ να αλλάξουν τις αλαζονικές πολιτικές, με την απλή διάδοση του ΔΟΚΙΜΑΣΜΕΝΟΥ σε ΑΜΕΤΡΗΤΟΥΣ συλλόγους ελβετικού συμφιλιωτικού Ενιαίου ψηφοδελτίου εκλογών: αυτό ηρεμεί τους ανανούριστους, φοβικούς αυτοκαταστροφικούς εγωμανείς, και ενθαρρύνει αλληλοβοήθεια-διάλογο-διαφάνεια-αποκέντρωση-φιλία!
Όπως προκύπτει από τους αρχαίους καταλόγους, το συμφιλιωτικό Ενιαίο ψηφοδέλτιο ήταν το μοναδικό κριτήριο για τη συμμετοχή των πολιτών-στρατιωτών στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες και άλλες αρχαίες συκοφαντημένες γιορτές για το Ενιαίο ψηφοδέλτιο!

Οι κατασυκοφαντημένοι Δημοκρατικοί προσπαθούσαν συνεχώς να πολιτογραφούν όποιους συμετείχαν στην εθνική άμυνα, τις θαρραλέες γυναίκες με την Ασπασία, αλλά και να αποτρέπουν τις σφαγές από τους εισβολείς σε όλη τη Μεσόγειο και τον Εύξεινο, μεταφέροντας το ενιαίο ψηφοδέλτιο παντού, μα οι διεφθαρμένοι μανιακοί μοναρχικοί και οι εφόροι των παιδομαζωμάτων τους εμπόδισαν, βλ. ολιγαρχικούς των Συρακουσών (συνεννοημένων με Καρχηδόνιους ομοίους τους) που σκότωναν δημοκρατικούς στη Σικελία, και πραξικοπήματα μοναρχικών π.χ. στη Μήλο-που το σταμάτησαν οι δημοκρατικοί Μήλιοι, κλπ: βλ. Αριστοτέλη Πολιτικά, όπως παραδέχεται και ο πολυδιαφημισμένος συκοφάντης λιποτάκτης στρατηγός (!) Θουκυδίδης.

ΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ πετρελαίου-μετάλλων και η έλλειψη οποιασδήποτε άλλης εναλλακτικής λύσης (που να μη στηρίζεται κι αυτή στο πετρέλαιο), εκτός από την αποκέντρωση και την αυτάρκεια, μας φέρνει πιο κοντά στη διεθνή εκεχειρία και σε αμεσοδημοκρατικές συνομοσπονδίες αλληλοβοήθειας, για την αντιμετώπιση της διαφθοράς, και του κατευθυνόμενου επιθετικού υπερπληθυσμού και κανιβαλισμού.


γαλλικά – français

Liste électorale UNIFIÉE

Les conciliateurs peuvent changer les politiques arrogantes  par la promotion de  la suisse TESTÉ conciliante liste électorale UNIFIÉE: elle calme les non-bercé, auto-destructeurs effrayés egomaniacs et encourage l’entraide, le dialogue, la transparence, la décentralisation, l’amitié!
Comme il vient de catalogues anciens, la liste
UNIFIÉE de réconciliation a été le seul critère de participation des citoyens-soldats dans les calomniés jeux Olympiques de l’Antiquité et d’autres festivités de liste unifiée!
Les démocrates calomniés tentaient constamment de se faire naturaliser ceux qui ont participé à la défense (7 fois au cours du siècle d’or du courage), les femmes courageuses avec Aspasie, mais aussi pour empêcher le massacre par les envahisseurs dans toute la Méditerranée et la mer Noire, faisant la liste unifiée partout , mais les monarchistes maniaque corrompu et éphores ravisseurs garçons de masse, les ont empêchés: voir, oligarques Syracusean (conspirer avec carthaginoise aime) tuant démocrates en Sicile, et de coup d’État monarchique à Milos, où ils furent arrêtés par les habitants démocratique, etc: Aristote, Politique . Admis aussi par le général déserteur bien annoncé (!) Thucydide. La fin du pétrole-métaux et l’absence de tout autre non-pétroliers alternative autre que la décentralisation et l’autocratie, nous rapproche a la trêve internationale et de confédérations de démocratie directe d’aide mutuelle pour faire face à la corruption, la surpopulation guidée agressive et le cannibalisme.


ιρλανδικά – gaeilge

Liosta toghroinn aontaithe

Is féidir stop a comhréiteoirí polasaithe sotalach, ag cur chun cinn (tástáilte i comhlachais countless) hEilvéise conciliatory aontaithe list do toghcháin :

calms sé faillí mar naíonáin, eagla, egoists féin-millteach, agus spreagann sé cúnamh frithpháirteach-agallamh-trédhearcachta-dílárú-cairdeas!

Mar tagann sé ó na catalóga ársa, tá an conciliatory Aontaithe curtha ar an liosta critéar ach amháin chun na saoránaigh-saighdiúirí rannpháirtíocht sna Cluichí Oilimpeacha agus eile slandered, siamsaíocht ársa do liosta na Aontaithe conciliatory!

An Páirtí Daonlathach slandered a bhí ag iarraidh i gcónaí naturalize té a bhí rannpháirteach i gcosaint (7 uaire i rith na haois Órga na misneach), na mná misniúla le Aspasia. Ach siad iarracht freisin chun cosc a chur ar an massacre ag triall ar fud na Meánmhara agus na Mara Duibhe, liosta a dhéanamh i ngach áit Aontaithe. Ach rugadh maniac truaillithe agus kidnappers mais de na buachaillí, coisceadh an ephors orthu: féach, oligarchists Syracusean (a conspired le Carthaginian maith) a mharaítear Daonlathach sa tSicil, agus coup monarchical i Miloš-áit a raibh siad ag stopadh ag an habitants daonlathach, etc: Polaitíocht Aristotle,. An dea-deserter ginearálta a fhógairt (!) Thucydides admhaigh sé …

Ag deireadh na ola-mhiotail agus an easpa ar bith eile neamh-malartacha-ola, ach tugann dílárú agus autarky, dúinn níos gaire do shos cogaidh idirnáisiúnta agus díreach confederations frithpháirteach-gcabhair daonlathach chun aghaidh a thabhairt ar éilliú, overpopulation ionsaitheach treoraithe agus cannibalism.


ινδονησιακά – bahasa Indonesia

BERSATU daftar pemilih

Konsiliator dapat menghentikan kebijakan arogan, dengan mempromosikan (diuji dalam asosiasi yang tak terhitung jumlahnya) Swiss damai bersatu daftar pemilih untuk pemilihan:

itu menenangkan diabaikan sebagai bayi, takut, egois merusak diri sendiri, dan mendorong bantuan dialog saling-transparansi-desentralisasi-persahabatan!

Karena berasal dari katalog kuno, daftar Unified damai telah menjadi satu-satunya kriteria untuk partisipasi warga-tentara ‘di Olimpiade kuno dan lainnya difitnah perayaan Unified daftar!

Demokrat difitnah terus berusaha untuk menaturalisasikan siapa pun berpartisipasi dalam pertahanan (7 kali selama abad ke-Emas Keberanian), para wanita berani dengan Aspasia, tetapi juga untuk mencegah pembantaian oleh penjajah di seluruh Mediterania dan Laut Hitam, membawa daftar Unified mana-mana , tapi kerajaan maniak rusak dan ephors massa penculik anak laki-laki ‘mencegah mereka: lihat, oligarchits Syracusean (bersekongkol dengan Kartago suka) membunuh demokrat di Sisilia, dan kudeta monarkis di Milos-mana mereka dihentikan oleh habitants demokratis, dll: Aristoteles, Politik . Desertir umum baik diiklankan (!) Thucydides Mengakui itu …

Akhir-logam dan minyak tidak adanya alternatif non-minyak lainnya tetapi desentralisasi dan autarky, membawa kita lebih dekat dengan gencatan senjata internasional dan langsung saling-bantuan demokratis konfederasi untuk menghadapi korupsi, kepadatan penduduk agresif dibimbing dan kanibalisme.


ισλανδικά – íslenska
samræmt kosningakerfi lista
Conciliators getur stöðvað hrokafullt stefnumótun, með því að stuðla að (prófa í óteljandi samtökum) Swiss conciliatory samræmt kosningakerfi lista:
það róar á (vanrækt eins og börnin), skelfilegur, sjálf-eyðileggjandi egoists og hvetur gagnkvæma aðstoð-viðræður-gagnsæi-valddreifingu-vináttu!
Eins og það kemur frá fornu bæklingum, á conciliatory Sameinað listi hefur verið eini viðmiðun fyrir þátttöku borgara-hermenn í Ólympíuleikunum og öðrum slandered, forn hátíðahöld á conciliatory samræmt kosningakerfi lista!
The slandered demókratar voru að reyna stöðugt að naturalize hver sem tók þátt í vörnum (7 sinnum á Golden Century hugrekki), the hugrakkur konur með Aspasia. En einnig þau reyndu að koma í veg fyrir fjöldamorðin í innrásarher yfir Miðjarðarhafi og Svartahafi, vopnaður samræmt kosningakerfi lista allstaðar. En skemmst monarchists vitfirringur og massi kidnappers of the boys, the ephors veg fyrir að þeir sjá, Syracusean oligarchists (sem samsæri með Carthaginian líkar) drap lýðræðissinnar í Sikiley og monarchical coup í Milos-hvar voru þeir hætt við lýðræðislega habitants o.fl.: Aristóteles, Stjórnmál. The heilbrigður-auglýst deserter almennt (!) Thucydides óneitanlega það …
Endalok olíu-málmar og skortur á hvers kyns aðrar olíu-val en valddreifingu og autarky færir okkur nær til alþjóðlegs sættum og beinu lýðræði gagnkvæma-aðstoð confederations til að takast á spillingu, með leiðsögn árásargjarn overpopulation og Mannát.


ιταλικά – italiano

UNIFICATA lista elettorale

Conciliatori Può cambiare le politiche arroganti, promuovendo riconciliazione con la svizzero TESTATO UNIFICATA lista elettorale: si calma non-cullar, impaurito auto-distruttiva egoistas e incoraggia mutuo aiuto-dialogo-trasparenza-decentramento-amicizia!
Come viene dai cataloghi antichi, l’elenco di  UNIFICATA lista elettorale è stato l’unico criterio per la partecipazione degli  cittadini-soldati  al antiche Olimpiadi calunniato e le altre festività di lista unificata!

The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…

La fine del petrolio, dei metalli e la mancanza di qualsiasi altra non-olio-alternative, ma il decentramento e autarchia, ci avvicina alla tregua internazionale e confederazioni diretto democratico mutuo-aiuto per affrontare la corruzione, guidati sovrappopolazione aggressivo e cannibalismo.


σουαχίλι – kiswahili

rodha ya umoja wa uchaguzi

Conciliators unaweza mguu sera kiburi, na kuendeleza (majaribio katika vyama isitoshe) Uswisi conciliatory umoja orodha uchaguzi:

calms usahau kama watoto, waoga, egoists binafsi uharibifu, na kutia moyo kuheshimiana misaada-dialog-uwazi-kupeleka-urafiki!

Kama anakuja kutoka catalogs ya zamani, umoja conciliatory orodha imekuwa Furqani tu kwa ajili ya ushiriki wa wananchi-askari ‘katika michezo ya Olimpiki na wengine kale slandered umoja sikukuu orodha!

The slandered Democrats walikuwa wanajaribu daima kwa naturalize mtu kushiriki katika ulinzi (7 mara wakati wa karne ya Golden ya Ushujaa), wanawake jasiri kwa Aspasia, lakini pia kuzuia mauaji na wavamizi wa hela ya Mediteranea na Bahari Nyeusi, kufanya umoja orodha kila mahali , lakini ufisadi maniac monarchists na ephors molekuli wavulana kidnappers kuzuiwa yao: tazama, oligarchists Syracusean (njama na Carthaginian anapenda) mauaji Democrats katika Sicily, na mapinduzi monarchical katika Miloš-ambapo walikuwa kusimamishwa na habitants ya kidemokrasia, nk: Aristotle, Politics . Kisima-kutangazwa deserter jumla (!) Thucydides alikiri kuwa …

Mwisho wa mafuta ya metali na ukosefu wa aina nyingine zisizo za mbadala wa mafuta lakini madaraka na autarky, inatuleta karibu na truce kimataifa na demokrasia ya moja kwa moja confederations kuheshimiana-misaada kwa uso rushwa, kuongozwa na fujo overpopulation cannibalism.


λετονικά – latviešu valoda
samierinoši vienota vēlēšanu saraksta
Samierinātāji var apturēt augstprātīgi politiku, veicinot (pārbaudīts neskaitāmos apvienības) Swiss samierinoši vienota vēlēšanu saraksta:
tas nomierina (novārtā kā zīdaiņu) baismīgs, sevis destruktīvas egoists, un veicina savstarpēju palīdzību, dialogu pārredzamību decentralizācija, draudzība!
Kā tas nāk no senās katalogiem, samierinoši Unified saraksts ir vienīgais kritērijs, lai iedzīvotājiem, karavīru dalība Olimpiskajās spēlēs un citās slandered, seno svinībām samierinoši vienota vēlēšanu saraksta!
Slandered Demokrātu grupa centās pastāvīgi aklimatizēt kurš piedalījās aizsardzības (7 reizes Golden gadsimta drosmes) un drosmīgs sievietēm ar Aspasia. Bet arī viņi mēģināja novērst masveida ko visā Vidusjūras un Melnās jūras iebrucējiem, kas Vienotais saraksts visur. Bet bojāti maniaks monarchists un masu kidnappers no zēniem, ephors neļāva tiem: skat Syracusean oligarchists (kas sazvērējušās ar feniķiešu patīk) nonāvētos demokrātiem Sicīlijā, un monarhu apvērsumu Milos-kur tie apturēja demokrātiskās iedzīvotāju, uc: Aristotelis, Politics. Labi reklamē dezertieris vispārēju (!) Tukidīds atzina, ka …
Eļļas-metālu beigām un jebkuru citu nav naftas alternatīvu, bet decentralizācija un autarky, dod mums tuvāk starptautisko pamiers un tiešās demokrātijas savstarpējās palīdzības konfederācijas jāsaskaras ar korupciju, vadoties agresīva pārpildītības un kanibālisma trūkumu.


λιθουανικά – lietuvių kalba

nuolaidžiau vieningą rinkimų sąrašą
Arbitrai gali sustabdyti arogantiški politikai, skatinant (išbandyta daugybė asociacijų) Šveicarijos nuolaidžiau vieningą rinkimų sąrašą:
ji ramina (užleistų kaip kūdikiui), išsigandę, susinaikinimą egoists, ir skatina tarpusavio pagalbos dialogu skaidrumą-decentralizacijos-draugystę!
Kaip yra iš senovės katalogai, nuolaidžiau vieningą rinkimų sąrašą buvo vienintelis kriterijus, piliečiams, karių dalyvavimo olimpinėse žaidynėse ir kitų atmesta oszczerstwo, senovės šventės ir nuolaidžiau vieningą rinkimų sąrašą!
Atmesta oszczerstwo demokratų bandė nuolat natūralizuoti kas dalyvavo gynybos (7 kartus per Golden Century of Courage) ir drąsus moterų ASPASIA. Bet taip pat jie bandė užkirsti kelią žudynės pagal visoje Viduržemio jūroje ir Juodojoje jūroje užpuolikai, vežančių Bendrasis sąrašas visur. Bet sugadintas maniakas monarchistai ir masė pagrobėjų iš berniukų, ephors sutrukdė jiems: žr Syracusean oligarchists (kas prabilo su kartaginiečių mėgsta) užmuštus demokratų Sicilijoje, ir monarchinis perversmo Milos-kai jie buvo sustabdyti iki demokratinių gyventojai, ir tt: Aristotelis, Politika. Gerai reklamuojami dezertyras bendras (!) Thucydides leidusi ja prekiauti …
Naftos metalų pabaigos ir bet kurią kitą ne naftos alternatyva, tačiau decentralizavimas ir dydį «, priartina mus prie tarptautinių paliaubos ir tiesioginės demokratijos savitarpio pagalbos konfederacijos susiduria su korupcija, ekskursijos agresyviai perteklius ir kanibalizmo stoka.


ουγγρικά – magyar

Egységes lista választások

Békéltetők előmozdításával változhat politikák , a vizsgált svájci Békéltet Egységes lista választások: ez megnyugtatja a rémült önpusztító egoisták, és ösztönzi a kölcsönös segítségnyújtás, párbeszéd-átláthatósággal decentralizáció-barátság!

Ahogy jön a régi katalógusok, a Békéltet Egységes lista volt az egyetlen kritérium az állampolgárok részvételét-katonák az olimpiai játékok és más ókori meghurcolt Egységes lista ünnepek!

As it comes from the ancient catalogs, the Reconciliatory Unified list has been the only criterion for the citizens-soldiers’ participation in the Olympics and other ancient slandered Unified list festivities!
The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…

A végén az olaj-fémek és a hiánya minden más nem-olaj alternatív, kivéve a decentralizáció és a autarkiás, közelebb hoz bennünket a nemzetközi fegyverszünetet és a közvetlen demokratikus kölcsönös segítségnyújtási konföderációk, hogy szembenézzen a korrupció, irányított agresszív túlnépesedés és a kannibalizmus.


ολλανδικά – nederlands
unified kieslijst
Bemiddelaars kunnen stoppen arrogante beleid, door het bevorderen van de (getest in talloze verenigingen) Zwitserse verzoenende unified-kieslijst voor de verkiezingen:
het kalmeert de (verwaarloosde als baby’s), angst, zelfdestructieve egoïsten, en stimuleert de onderlinge hulp-dialoog-transparantie-decentralisatie-vriendschap!
Aangezien het komt uit de oude catalogi, heeft de verzoenende Unified lijst is het enige criterium voor de burgers-soldaten deelname aan de Olympische Spelen en andere belasterd, oude festiviteiten voor de verzoenende Unified lijst!
De Democraten werden belasterd voortdurend bezig te naturaliseren wie heeft deelgenomen aan de verdediging (7 keer tijdens de Gouden Eeuw van de Courage), en de moedige vrouwen met Aspasia. Maar ook zij probeerden om het bloedbad te voorkomen door de indringers in de Middellandse Zee en de Zwarte Zee, die Unified lijst overal. Maar beschadigd maniak monarchisten en massa ontvoerders van de jongens, de ephors verhinderde hen: zie, Syracusean oligarchists (die samenspanden met Carthaagse graag) gedood democraten in Sicilië, en monarchistische staatsgreep in Milos-waar ze werden tegengehouden door de democratische inwoners, enz.: Aristoteles, Politiek. De goed geadverteerd deserteur het algemeen (!) Thucydides toegegeven…
Het einde van olie-metalen en het ontbreken van enige andere niet-olie-alternatief, maar decentralisatie en autarkie, brengt ons dichter bij de internationale wapenstilstand en directe democratische wederzijdse hulp confederaties to face corruptie, begeleid agressieve overbevolking en kannibalisme.


νορβηγικά – norsk
enhetlig valgliste
Conciliators kan stoppe arrogant politikk, ved å fremme (testet i utallige foreninger) Sveitsisk forsonende enhetlig  valgliste:
det roer det (forsømte som spedbarn) engstelig, selvdestruktiv egoister, og oppfordrer gjensidig hjelp-dialog-åpenhet-desentralisering-vennskap!
Som det kommer fra gamle katalogene, har forsonende Unified listen er det eneste kriteriet for borgerne-soldater deltakelse i OL og andre bakvasket, gamle festligheter for de forsonende enhetlig valgliste!
Den baktalte Demokratene forsøkte stadig å naturalisere den som deltok i forsvaret (7 ganger under Golden Century of Courage), den modige kvinner med Aspasia. Men også de forsøkte å forhindre massakren av angripere i hele Middelhavet og Svartehavet, bærer enhetlig valgliste. Men ødelagt maniac monarchists og masse kidnapperne av guttene, forhindret eforene dem: Se, Syracusean oligarchists (som konspirerte med karthagenske liker) drept demokrater på Sicilia, og monarkisk kupp i Milos-der de ble stoppet av det demokratiske beboerne, etc.: Aristoteles, Politikk. Den godt annonserte desertør general (!) Tukydid innrømmet den …
Slutten av olje-metaller og mangel av andre ikke-olje-alternativ, men desentralisering og autarki, bringer oss nærmere til internasjonale våpenhvile og direkte demokratisk gjensidig-hjelp hovedsammenslutninger til å møte korrupsjon, guidet aggressive overbefolkning og kannibalisme.


φιλιππινέζικα – philippine

PINAG-ISA listahan para sa mga halalan

Conciliators MAAARI baguhin ang mga patakaran mapagmataas sa pamamagitan ng pagtataguyod ng mga nasubok Swiss Reconciliatory pinag-isa listahan para sa mga halalan: ito discourages egoists at naghihikayat tulungan-uusap-transparency-desentralisasyon-pagkakaibigan!
Bilang ito ay mula sa sinaunang katalogo, ang listahan Reconciliatory pinag-isa ay ang lamang criterion para sa defendant mamamayan-sundalo ‘pakikilahok sa Palarong Olimpiko at iba pang mga sinaunang slandered pinag-isa listahan ng kasiyahan!

The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…
Ang katapusan ng langis-metal at ang kakulangan ng anumang iba pang di-alternatibong langis-ngunit desentralisasyon at autarky, magbibigay sa amin mas malapit sa internasyunal na pahinga ng labanan at direktang demokratikong kapwa-aid confederations sa mukha katiwalian, guided agresibo overpopulation at pagkain ng isang tao sa kapwa.


πολωνικά – polski

jednolity liście wyborczej

Rozjemców może powstrzymać arogancki polityk, poprzez wspieranie (sprawdzone w licznych stowarzyszeń), szwajcarski pojednawczy jednolity liście wyborczej:

uspokaja zaniedbany jak niemowlęta, obawiając się, autodestrukcyjne egoistów, i zachęca do wzajemnej pomocy, dialogu, przejrzystości, decentralizacja, przyjaźń!

Jak to jest od starożytnych katalogach jednolity liście wyborczej jest jedynym kryterium uczestnictwa obywateli-żołnierzy w igrzyskach olimpijskich i innych starożytnych oczerniany uroczystości jednolity liście wyborczej!

Oczerniany Demokraci starali stale zadomowić kto uczestniczył w obronie (7 razy w ciągu Złoty wiek Courage), odważnych kobiet z Aspazja, ale także, aby zapobiec masakrze przez najeźdźców całym basenie Morza Śródziemnego i Morza Czarnego, niosąc listy Unified wszędzie , ale uszkodzony monarchistów maniac porywaczy i chłopców masa ephors uniemożliwiły im: patrz, Syracusean oligarchists (spiskowanie z Kartaginy lubi) zabijania demokratów na Sycylii, a monarchical zamachu stanu w Milos, gdzie zostali zatrzymani przez demokratyczne mieszkańców, itp.: Arystoteles, Polityka . Dobrze reklamowane ogólne dezerter (!) Tukidydes przyznał, że …

Koniec metali i ropy naftowej z powodu braku innych niż olej-alternative ale decentralizacja i autarkia, przybliża nas do rozejmu i międzynarodowych bezpośrednich demokratycznych konfederacji wzajemnej pomocy w twarz z korupcją, trasa agresywna przeludnienie i kanibalizm.


πορτογαλικά – português

CONJUNTO Lista Eleitoral

Os conciliadores podem alterar as políticas arrogantes, promovendo a TESTADO suíça CONJUNTO lista Eleitoral: acalma “não canção de ninar”,  temeroso auto-destrutivo egoístas  mútua ajuda e incentiva o diálogo, transparência, descentralização amizade! Como se trata de catálogos antigos, o CONJUNTO lista Eleitoral foi o único critério para a participação des cidadão-soldados nos Jogos Olímpicos antigos caluniado e outras festividades CONJUNTO lista eleitoral!
The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…
O fim do petróleo-metais e da falta de qualquer outra alternativa do petróleo, mas não a descentralização ea auto-suficiência, nos aproxima de trégua direto confederações internacionais e democráticos de ajuda mútua para enfrentar a corrupção, a superpopulação guiada agressiva – o canibalismo.


ρωσικά – русский

Совместного избирательного списка

Посредников могут изменения высокомерной политики путем содействия ПРОВЕРЕНО швейцарской Совместного избирательного списка: она препятствует не убаюканный эгоисты и поощряет взаимопомощь-диалог-прозрачности, децентрализации-дружба! Как оно происходит от древнего каталоги, список Совместного смешанной избирательной является единственным критерием для для участия граждане-солдаты в оклеветал Олимпийских и других торжественных мероприятий Совместного избирательного список!
The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic inhabitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…
Конец той нефти, металлы и отсутствие каких-либо других не связанных с нефтью альтернативы, кроме как децентрализация и автаркии, приближает нас к международным перемирие и прямой демократической конфедерации взаимопомощи сталкиваться с коррупцией, агрессивных руководствоваться перенаселения – каннибализма.


αλβανικά (για τους μετριοπαθείς, όσοι και να είναι) – shqip

UNIFIKUAR lista për zgjedhjet

Conciliators mund ndryshojë politikat arrogante duke nxitur zvicerane testuar pajtuese të unifikuar listës për zgjedhjet: ajo zbut frikësuar vetë-shkatërrues egoists, dhe inkurajon dialogun reciprok-ndihmës-transparencës-miqësi-decentralizimi!

Siç vjen nga katalogët e lashtë, unifikuar lista të ka qenë kriteri VETËM për pjesëmarrjen e qytetarëve-ushtarëve në Olimpiadë dhe të tjera të lashta slandered Lista e festave Unifikuar!
The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic inhabitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…
Fundi i OIL-metale dhe mungesa e ndonjë tjetër jo-alternative të naftës, por decentralizimi dhe autarky, na sjell më afër armëpushim ndërkombëtare dhe drejtpërdrejtë demokratike të përbashkët-ndihmës konfederata, të përballet me korrupsionin, udhërrëfyes agresive mbipopullim, dhe kanibalizëm.

σουηδικά – svenska
enhetlig röstlängden för val
Medlarna kan stoppa arroganta politik genom att främja den (testas i otaliga föreningar) Schweiziska försonlig enhetlig röstlängden för val:
det lugnar (försummade som barn), rädda självdestruktiva egoister, och uppmuntrar ömsesidigt bistånd dialog-öppenhet-decentralisering-vänskap!
Eftersom det kommer från det antika kataloger, var försonande Unified listan det enda kriteriet för medborgarna-soldater deltagande i OS och andra förtalade, gamla festligheter för försonande enhetlig röstlängden för val!
Den förtalade Demokraterna försökte ständigt att naturalisera den som deltog i försvaret (7 gånger under Golden Century of Courage) och modiga kvinnor med Aspasia. Men också de försökte förhindra massakern av inkräktarna i hela Medelhavet och Svarta havet, bärande Unified listan överallt. Men skadade galning monarkister och kidnappare massa av pojkarna hindrade ephors dem: se, Syracusean oligarchists (som konspirerade med karthagiska gillar) dödade demokrater på Sicilien, och monarkiska statskuppen i Milos, där de stoppades av den demokratiska invånare, etc.: Aristoteles, Politik. Den väl annonserade desertör allmänna (!) Thukydides erkände det …
I slutet av olje-metaller och avsaknaden av någon annan icke-olja-alternativ men decentralisering och självförsörjning, för oss närmare den internationella freden och direkt demokratisk ömsesidig hjälp förbund inför korruption, guidade aggressiv överbefolkning och kannibalism.


τουρκικά – türkçe

Ortak Seçim listesi


ινδικά – χίντι – हिन्दी – hindi

संयुक्त निर्वाचक सूची

प्रोत्साहित करती है और आपसी सहायता वार्तापारदर्शिताविकेन्द्रीकरणदोस्ती!


κινεζικά – 中文 – chinese


它妨碍 的自大狂,并鼓励互助,对话的透明度,权力下放,友谊!



ιαπωνικά- 日本語 – japanese




περσικά – کمک ترجمه)- فارسی

متحد لیست انتخاباتی

آن calms (غفلت به عنوان کودکان) ، ترس ، خود egoists مخرب ، تشویق و کمک های متقابل ، گفتگو ، شفافیت ، عدم تمرکز ، دوستی!

نفت فلزات پایان. عدم وجود هر گونه دیگر غیر از روغن های جایگزین (به جز عدم تمرکز و استبداد) به ما به ارمغان می آورد و نزدیک به آتش بس بین المللی و کمک های متقابل مستقیم کنفدراسیون دموکراتیک برای مقابله با فساد ، افزایش جمعیت هدایت مهاجم و آدمخواری.


αραβικά – العربية – arabic

قائمة مشتركة للانتخابات
موفقين يستطيع أن يغير السياسات المتغطرسة من خلال تشجيع اختبار السويسري
قائمة مشتركة للانتخابات : لا يشجع بعقدة الأنانية وتشجع المعونة المتبادلة الحوار والشفافية ، اللامركزية الصداقة!
كما انها تأتي من الفهارس القديمة ، كان المعيار الوحيد للمشاركة في دورة الألعاب الأولمبية القديمة تارة أخرى وغيرها من قائمة مشتركة للانتخابات الاحتفالات !
نهاية النفط ، المعادن وعدم وجود أي بديل آخر غير النفطية ولكن الاكتفاء الذاتي واللامركزية ، يقربنا من الهدنة الدولية والاتحادات الديمقراطية المباشرة المتبادلة على مساعدات لمواجهة الفساد ، والاكتظاظ السكاني تسترشد العدواني أكل لحوم البشر.


As it comes from the ancient catalogs, the Reconciliatory Unified list has been the only criterion for the citizens-soldiers’ participation in the Olympics and other ancient slandered Unified list festivities!

The slandered Democrats were trying constantly to naturalize whoever participated in the defense (7 times during the Golden Century of Courage), the courageous women with Aspasia, but also to prevent the massacre by the invaders throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, carrying Unified list everywhere, but corrupted maniac monarchists and mass boys’ kidnappers ephors prevented them: see, Syracusean oligarchists (conspiring with Carthaginian likes) killing democrats in Sicily, and monarchical coup in Milos-where they were stopped by the democratic habitants, etc.: Aristotle, Politics. Admitted also by the well-advertised deserter general (!) Thucydides…



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